Valentin Mackl


Past Events

Date Event Name Hero Format Placing Decklist
21 Oct 2023 ProQuest : Trading Cards United E.u, Graz, Steiermark Lexi, Livewire Classic Constructed 3 Link
02 Sep 2023 Nationals : Austria 2023 Briar, Warden of Thorns Classic Constructed 2 Link
21 Jan 2023 ProQuest: Trading Cards United E.u Iyslander, Stormbind Classic Constructed 1 Link
04 Jun 2022 ProQuest: Metagame Kartyabolt, Budapest, Hungary Chane, Bound by Shadow Classic Constructed 5 Link
14 May 2022 ProQuest: Hive Games, Klagenfurt, Austria Chane, Bound by Shadow Classic Constructed 2 Link
06 Mar 2022 ProQuest: MAWO Cards, Austria Bravo, Star of the Show Classic Constructed 5 Link